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Bharat Movies

Of late we have been recieving many visitors who search for 'Bharat Movies' and 'Bharatmovies'. Since there are plenty of movie stars whose name start or end with Bharat, and since there are many Indian movies with the word Bharat in the movie title, and since there is also a website named, there seems to be a confusion. To help our visitors reach the correct page, please choose the appropriate page from below:

Bharat movies (Tamil)
Tamil movies with Bharat in the movie Title :
  • Tamil movie Bharathan
  • Tamil movie Bharathi (2000)
  • Tamil movie Bharathi (1967)
  • Tamil movie Bharathi Kannamma (1997)
  • Tamil movie Mr Bharath (1986)

  • Bharat movies (Malayalam)
    Malayalam movies with Bharat in the movie title :
  • Malayalam movie Bharathan (2007)
  • Malayalam movie Bharath Chandran IPS(2005)
  • Malayalam movie Bharathan Effect(2005)

  • Bharat movies (Telugu)
    Telugu movies with Bharat in the movie title :
  • Bharata Nari (1989)
  • Bharata Simha Reddy (2002)
  • Bharateeyudu (1996)
  • Bharathamlo Arjunudu (1987)

  • Bharat movies (Bengali)
    Bengali movies with Bharat in the movie title:
  • Subharatri (1956)

  • Indian movie stars named Bharat or with part of their name as Bharat:
  • Bharat Bhushan movies
  • Bharat Kapoor movies
  • Bharat movies Tamil
  • Bharat movies Hindi
  • Bharath movies Tamil
  • Bharath movies Hindi
  • Bharat Patil movies
  • Bharat Kaul movies
  • Bharat Jadhav movies
  • Bharati movies Hindi
  • Bharati movies Tamil
  • Bharati movies Malayalam
  • Bharati movies Kannada
  • Bharat Dabholkar movies
  • Bharati Devi movies Hindi
  • Bharati Achrekar movies Hindi
  • Raj Bharti movies Hindi
  • Bharathi Rajaa movies Tamil
  • Mehmood Bharti movies Hindi
  • Jayabharati movies

  • Or if you wish to go to bharatmovies website, then type '' in the address bar. Else, if you meant Indian(Bharat) movies, then go to Here are the different Indian languages you can enjoy at :
  • Hindi Movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Bengali movies

  • Hope that helps.