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Hindi Movie Heroine What Its All About

Heroine is one of the most awaited Bollywood Hindi movies of 2012, and its Madhur Bhandarkar's most ambitious directorial work to date, and one which he has been working ever since he joined Bollywood.

The movie is the story of a girl who lives a new life every day. Its the story behind stardom in Bollywood. As the name suggests, the story of Heroine is about a superstar actress named Mahi Arora (played by the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor), whose acting career and superstar status is on a decline. The film portrays a dramatic version of the glamorous lifestyles of Bollywood actresses in general, and of Mahi Arora in particular. Similar to Madhur Bhandarkar's previous women oriented films (Corporate, Fashion, Chandni Bar, Page 3), Heroine shows the audience the reality behind the glamour and the glitter in Bollywood. Plenty of behind the scene stories which generally does not come into lime light are exposed in this movie. Heights of fame, glory, scandals, rumours, gossips, politics, shocking skeletons in the cupboard, and ofcourse plenty of glam sham and glitter is on offer to the audience of Heroine.

The official trailer of Heroine looks absolutely classy and glittery. It also gives a brief peek into what you can expect from it when it releases in India on 21st September 2012.