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Movie Focus On Keralam

The movie industry in our dear Keralam has been in focus since the last few months. The quality of Malayalam movies arising from the land of Kerala have clearly seen improvement in recent times, so much that they are quite on par with Hindi movies from Bollywood. A public survey revealed that the Malayalam movie audience loved the fact that most Malayalam movies are focussed on realistic stories with the protagonist playing the role of a simple comman man. Also, most Malayalam movies show the true and rich culture of Kerala, which is so unique to this Indian state.

Advanced film techniques like visual effects, 3d animation, compositing - which were relatively unknown and unseen in Malayalam movies, when compared to Tamil movies and Hindi movies - have slowly started creeping into Malayalam films in the recent years. Our survey reveals that Malayalam film lovers, though do appreciate usage of Vfx, as seen in some of the recent Malayalam movies, but they seem to fear that over-usage would adversely effect the quality of good films originating from Kerala. Classic films like Nadodikaatu which shows off the aspirations of two simpletons Das and Vijayan (superbly played by Mohanlal and Srinivasan) has probably more deep roots in the audience's minds than a film like Sagar Alias Jacky where the same Mohalal plays a more sophisticated and stylish character. Mohanlal was definitely appreciated in this new avataar too, but the question that needs to be answered is "do you like the simple Dasan or Jacky ?"

To wrap up, the conclusion (based on the views of many Malayalees) is that the more the movie makers shift focus from Keralam to western cultures, ideas and music, the lesser will be the impact of the movie on the Malayalam audience.