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Sur Full Cast & Crew

Movie name :   Sur
Year : 2002
Actors : Lucky Ali, Gauri Karnik, Simone Singh, Achint Kaur, Divya Dutta, Baby Gazala, Harsh Vasisht, Ehsaan Khan, Anil Yadav, Gautam Saugat, Nitin, Sachin, Amit, Vivek, Aparna, Roopali, Ashwini, Seema, Sudesh, Rupa
Director : Tanuja Chandra
Producer :   Rangita Pritish Nandy
Music director : M M Kreem
Cinematographer : Nirmal Jani
Editor : Hemanti Sarkar
Story : Tanuja Chandra
Release date :   Sep 13, 2002
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